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I'm a marketer, developer, and dad. This site is my personal blog, which includes an assortment of topics: tech, design, marketing, and more.

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endel music

Endel Review: Generative Music as Technology

Can an AI write music that changes your mental state?


Using Tags for Content Sequencing and Recirculation in WordPress

Let's build a quick related posts feature that encourages users to read more than one post.

things 3 tips

Tips and Tricks: Non-Obvious Things 3 Features

A quick list of tips and tricks for Things 3 users.

paid newsletter

Why I Shut Down My Paid Newsletter (and What I’m Doing Instead)

A story of failure and change, told in four parts.

grip strength

What medical studies say about grip strength (and how to increase it)

Grip strength is a promising biomarker for overall health. Here's what the research says, and how to increase it.

digital pr 768x403 1

Launch Ridiculous Products for Digital PR and Links

Launch products optimized for digital PR to get buzz and links to your site.

interest targeting 768x403 1

How to Test Audience Interests with Facebook Ads

Find valuable users quickly through Facebook Ads by using interest-based audience tests.


Notes on the Hypebeast Streetwear Impact Report

A fascinating look at what makes a very exclusive and profitable industry tick.


The Best Desktop App for Fastmail – FMail

FMail is the macOS desktop app we've been waiting for.

data stories 768x403 1

How to Leverage Your Data for Marketing and Linkbuilding

Collect and leverage in-house data to improve your product and your marketing.