Hello, I'm Terry Godier

I’m a developer and marketer of fine internet products.

About Terry Godier

Hi, I’m Terry Godier, a developer, marketer and writer based in Appleton, Wisconsin.

It’s very difficult to write an about page for yourself, but I’ll still give it the old college try.

Let’s see – you probably want to know what I do.

  • I build internet things
  • I market things (both internet and not)
  • I read and write things

What I’m interested in

I find myself fascinated with behavioral economics, computer science and finance (maybe regular old economics).

I’m particularly interested in why we do the things that we do. As a marketer I’ve spent a lot of time trying to sell things to people. As a developer I’ve spent time trying to help build things that users love. As a researcher I’ve spent time trying to figure out the why and how of both of these.

What I’m doing about it

I’m going to try to keep up some kind of regular writing schedule. If for some reason you feel compelled to follow my writings and don’t see anything new for a while, feel free to give me a nudge.

What you can do about it

I’d love to hear from you. Feedback is essential and helps cultivate more mature and defensible positions.

Thanks for reading!

Now, I'd recommend going to panoply or the homepage of this site.

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