For most people, their journey into SEO begins with Moz. Maybe they’re working on a product, editorial, or engineering team and have some requirements to start paying attention to SEO. I think Moz is a great tool for these people, but it’s not a tool for serious SEOs looking to do campaign oriented rank tracking. 

After signing up, the tool does a good job of pulling in competitors. I didn’t really have to make any edits here. 

Continuing, the wizard populated several good examples of what the site ranks for. For the aforementioned audience, this significantly lowers the friction between signup and go. 

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The problem for the tactical serp tracking approach is that there’s no real way to just isolate rank tracking. This is the primary problem that I have with the product, and also with the automated alerts. 


  • Nice onboarding wizard 
  • Good for non-SEOs


  • Rank tracking is not a focus 
  • No campaign oriented approach
  • Bad rank tracking alerts 
  • Expensive

Which search engines are supported? 

Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo, Bing

What’s the price? 

Moz Pro starts at $99 per month for 3 campaigns  & 300 keyword rankings. You can purchase 200 more keywords for $20. 

In addition to the campaign keyword tracking, you also get 200 on-demand query checks per day. 

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