Pro Rank Tracker has been recommended to me several times, and to be fair, I have used it in the past and it’s been a solid and reliable option. 

The problem is, it doesn’t really stack up to the competition anymore. It’s not particularly intuitive, or attractive, and it doesn’t offer any non-obvious features that competitors don’t do, often in better ways. 

I was unhappy to find that competitor analysis is really just looking at the cached serp results for each keyword. You can add the competitors as secondary domains, but it’ll use twice as many keyword credits.  

The daily breakdown report is probably the page that I’d use as my dashboard to get a view of where everything is. In order to get everything on the same graph though, you have to select all and click “multiple terms graph”, which then opens in a popover. I wish it were much simpler, and I wish you could see this basic graph front and center on a dashboard of some kind.  

The app gives you a few ways to look at your data:  

  • URL View 
  • Term View 
  • List View 

At the end of the day, PRT is reliable, and gets the job done, but there are better options.

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  • Good support
  • Good search engine support


  • Poor competitor analysis capabilities 
  • Interface is not as intuitive as other options
  • Cached serps are just a list, not fully cached 
  • Credit based system not ideal for competitor research
  • No way to delete trial account

Which search engines are supported? 

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Ask, Excite, Amazon, Youtube

What’s the price? 

ProRankTracker (PRT) subscriptions start at $25 per month for 200 keywords updated daily. 

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