SE Ranking, despite its name, is more of a suite of SEO and digital marketing tools. In addition to rank tracking, you’ve got: 

  • On-page audits
  • Backlink checking
  • Page change detection
  • Keyword suggestion
  • A marketing plan tool
  • PPC & Competitor research
  • Social Media tools

Despite having all of these features, the product doesn’t feel cramped or cluttered. SE Ranking takes a project based approach, which feels intuitive and logical, and better than some of the others that use a URL based approach. 

Like many tools, the dashboard has a few metrics that I don’t find particularly useful, namely: traffic forecast, and search visibility. The good news is that you can turn the graph off in the dashboard settings. 

In terms of filtering capabilities, SE Ranking feels really limited. You can select, or deselect columns on tables, and once you drill down into the detailed keyword ranking report you can apply some simple filtering: 

  • Groups
  • By URL
  • By Tags

You can’t save filters for re-use. 

SE Ranking seems like a well made tool for the way that many people use rank tracking, but not for the way I recommend that you use it. It’s certainly not a bad tool, but I just felt very limited, having used much more configurable options prior to testing. 

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  • Clean, focused interface
  • Really good competitor analysis


  • Lack of filter capabiilties 
  • Confusing, complex pricing structure 
  • No way to cancel trial account

Which search engines are supported? 

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Youtube

What’s the price? 

SE Ranking starts at $39 per month for 250 keywords tracked daily. You can also choose to check rankings every 3 days ($31.20 per month), or every week ($23.40 per month). 

Note that many of the people I spoke to that use this tool got it on a lifetime deal, so if you’re interested, I’d keep my eyes peeled for another one.

Unique Features

Page Change Monitoring alerts you to any modifications to your/your competitors site. This can be useful to see what kind of things your competitors might be testing out. 

The competitor analysis module is quite good, perhaps the best out of any other tool I’ve used. 

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