Unamo offers a suite of tools for digital marketers. At the time of writing there are 3 such tools: Unamo SEO, Unamo Social Media, and Unamo Image Monitoring. I spent a couple of weeks using the trial for Unamo SEO, and here are my thoughts. 


  • Well designed
  • Serp screenshots are great 
  • Serp feature tracking is great 
  • Mapping keywords to landing pages is awesome
  • Easy to cancel and delete account 


  • Serp screenshots are additional cost 
  • Search volume / traffic estimates are additional cost 
  • No annotations 

One of my favorite tools is the serp features timeline. It’s a great visualization of which features were available at the keyword level, and which you owned. It’s often very useful to see if Google is testing new serp features, or changing up the serps based on newly discovered query intent. 

At the time of this review, Unamo is the only tool that directly allows you to map keywords to specific landing pages and then see summary reports based on presence in the top 100. This is directly actionable for the strategy laid out in the first part of this tactical buyers guide and something I’m really excited to use going forward. 

Many tools have serp screenshots, but the utility of the ones at Unamo appear to be very good, and very actionable. Being able to go back and forth through time is useful, and having fully rendered html (with all interactivity preserved) is great. 

Search volume and traffic estimates are an additional add-on for $2 per month per 100 keywords. I don’t particularly like these for the rank tracking phase, so I’m appreciative that I don’t have to have them and can easily remove the columns from the tables. 

The landing pages summary report is also quite good, giving you clear information about which keywords a particular page ranks for (at least that you are currently tracking), and a quick graph that could let you know if something major happened in either direction. 

The upcoming industry intelligence tool look really promising as a way to keep tabs on your entire niche over time. I’ll be kicking the tires on it as soon as it’s available. 

This review is part of a buyers guide

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Which search engines are supported? 

Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing

What’s the price? 

Unamo starts at $19 per month for 100 keywords tracked daily. 

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