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API Marketing: How to Integrate Into an Ecosystem

Becoming part of an ecosystem is a great way to find distribution and out-compete your competition by being easier to find and implement.

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How to Get Your Product Listed as a Perk

Many training programs and communities offer membership perks, which include discounts and trials of tools and services. Become one and get users and sales.

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SaaS Lead Gen: How to Co-host a Webinar

Partnering to share an audience and knowledge at the same time. Great for sales, great for list building.

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SaaS Marketing with BuiltWith: Technology Profiling for Prospects

Get a list of websites that use a specific product or technology and put your product in front of them. 

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Get Your Product Included on “Best” Lists

Many customers consult ranked lists of products during the purchasing process. Getting placement on these can drive significant sales.

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How to Run RLSAs and Target Broad Queries

RLSAs allow you to bid on broad keywords but only for a specific audience that’s already familiar with your brand, therefore increasing the likelihood of a conversion outcome.

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Beat Your Competitors With Comparison Content

Prospective customers often compare products before they make a purchase. Use this pattern to get in front of them during this crucial phase and remind them why your product is superior.

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Steal Competitors Customers With Cancel Jacking

Cancel jacking is when you target competitor customers who are trying to find information about cancelling their accounts.

conversion gold

Cashing in on Bias

Building and borrowing bias are powerful ways to generate sales and keep customers.


How to Stop Being a Dumb Marketer

This is the recording of a talk I gave at the DMO Virtual Summit Series 2020.