Hi, I'm Terry

I'm a marketer, developer, and dad. This site is my personal blog, which includes an assortment of topics: tech, design, marketing, and more.

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Persistent Problems

Build systems to solve repeatable problems.

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The Iterated Campaign

On how we can be more honest with ourselves, and build optimization into the process.


Lumpy Products

On making things that stand out.


Don’t Act As-If

Sometimes the best thing to be is small.


Hey Email Review

Hey is a new service that rethinks the way we use email.


Highly Opted-in Audiences

The hard part is doing something that’s worth supporting. It’s different than doing something that’s worth buying.


Do Things That Don’t Market

Thoughts on how marketing doesn't always have to be the goal.

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The Four Levers for Growth

As you’ve probably realized by now, I’m a big fan of understanding the why, as opposed to the how. Once I’ve recorded the how, I have a strong compulsion to know why users do certain things. This is, in essence, how I do my work.

spaced rep

Fix Your Memory with Spaced Repetition

An introduction to spaced repetition for memory enhancement.


Time Isn’t Money

On why we should be more thrifty with our time than our money.