I spend a lot of time thinking about thinking. Mostly, that means reflecting and learning from both successes and mistakes.

In order for your thinking to get better over time you’ll need to remember what you’ve learned. Below is a list of principles, perhaps more as a reminder to me than to you, but I’ve often found these interesting when other people do them. Maybe you will too.

This document is very much a work in a progress.

I believe that it’s all about the process.

I tend to focus on direction instead of aiming for arbitrary destinations. Products are never really done. Marketing is never really done. I’m always trying to find repeatable outcomes through testing, analysis, and iteration.

I believe that websites should be built for users, not the businesses that create them.

The best performing websites are those that are built to reflect what users actually want. I’m an advocate for simplicity, privacy, and focus. Build the right thing for the audience, be respectful, and remember that you don’t have to milk every cow, every day.