Hello, I'm Terry Godier

I’m a developer and marketer of fine internet products.


I’m currently spending a lot of time thinking about content, specifically newsletter based businesses.

To that end, I’m currently working on:

Growth Library

This is the continuation of my conversion rate optimization newsletter, Conversion Gold. It’s evolved into a fully featured digital marketing strategy site, with a tiny dash of phone-based consulting thrown in.

Previous Projects


When building the above newsletter I realized that there weren’t really any great communities or resources for folks looking to create one. So I built it. Right now it’s a forum and a content site.


The largest (and best) warm-contact influencer marketing network on the internet. Co-founded w/ Joe Sinkwitz.

User Insights

Real user testing for startups and scrappy solo-preneuers. All of the other options at the time were enterprise or very poorly designed.

Thanks for reading!

Now, I'd recommend going to panoply or the homepage of this site.

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